About Me

Welcome! My name is Almog Keynan, and I’m a married father of three children. I grew up right after the digital age in the mid-80’s. Thanks to advances in technology, I can connect all my devices with a local network – this is done through a router.

Now that I have a family, we need good wireless routers. Otherwise, my children would lose their online games to frequent disconnects! If you have a family, you know what I’m talking about. Everyone wants a piece of the Wi-Fi pie, but the router gives away the slices.

almog and his family
Me and my family

If you’re like me, you want the best Wi-Fi routers. Without one, you might not even be able to read my messages in time! I intend to share my experience with you so you can enjoy a good Wi-Fi experience. Here is what you can learn!

My Mission

almog and his daughter

I create content based on the best Wi-Fi routers for you and your household. As a family man, I understand the importance of connecting all our devices to the Internet. Based on my experiences with routers, I can hopefully give you a few hints on the right ones to use.

My website provides you all the information you need to know. I have experience with high-speed Internet, and it’s all thanks to my knowledge of router systems. My website intends to make the troubleshooting process much easier.

With a wireless router, you can enjoy the convenience, mobility, and productivity of fast Internet. As long as you know the best router options and troubleshooting responses, you are good to go! I’m here to lend a helping hand.

How I Create Content

Here is how it works. Everything I write about on my website is done through extensive research. Sometimes I use firsthand experience, and other times I turn to online feedback.

Every article I write is professionally worded, so instructions are easy to follow. I don’t use Wikipedia as a source, I use professional websites. What you get is a trustworthy website with a user-friendly interface.

Router problems are relatable on so many levels! Believe me when I say this. My family and I spend a lot of time dealing with troubleshooting due to a bad Internet connection. More often than not, the router is to blame.

My personal goal is to ensure good Wi-Fi connectivity through your router. Whether you prefer your tablet or a desktop computer, you want everything to connect. By doing so, it makes it easier for you to share files or software programs.

I should mention I also use freelance writers. However, everything goes through me. All the articles you read are 100% approved. How’s that for quality assurance?

Everybody wants a faster Internet

If you’re reading this message, chances are you’re on a device connected to the web. It’s all thanks to your router. Routers allow you Internet access through multiple devices. With a local network, you can centralize everything! It’s especially useful if you have a big family like me.

Everybody wants to have a faster Internet! For example, if you need to download something quickly, fast Internet lets you do exactly that. The best Wi-Fi routers should have the following:

  • Large signal range around your house
  • Built-in smart device speakers for voice control
  • Great configuration options, such as programmable settings
  • Malware apps for higher security purposes
  • Easy software to setup

Are you a gamer, by any chance? If you’re also a gamer who likes to stream, you understand the importance of high-speed Internet. Most games require a high level of latency. With a game-specific router, you can break those speed run records!

What’s In It For You?

I want to provide you two main takeaways from my website. The first is the significance of a good Wi-Fi router, while the second is the best one to buy. There are several available routers on the market. As you read my articles, you can hopefully learn what works best for you.

To make the most of your Internet experience, you need to centralize all your content into your computers. Depending on the hard drive, you can store all your important documents in one place. If you connect other devices, you can also provide backup files just in case.

The main reason you should check out my website is so you can improve your Internet connectivity. I truly look forward to you reading the rest of my articles!

Almog keynan
Founder and Editor of Rush Router