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Are Router Boosters Effective?

A router booster might be a worthwhile investment if you value higher Internet speeds.

Wi-Fi refers to a network that connects your devices to the internet. All the wireless devices require extended coverage, especially if you’re in another room.

Signal interference causes your Wi-Fi to slow down. The reason this occurs is due to a lack of signal coverage. Walls and electronic devices can get in the way of these signals.

Router boosters allow signals to travel faster and at a stronger rate. These boosters are effective in dead zone prevention, which allows better Wi-Fi coverage.

What Are Router Boosters?

A router booster amplifies signals to extend Wi-Fi coverage in your area. Most people get a router booster if they need stronger signals to reach faraway rooms.

If you cannot load pages or it turns up dead links, chances are it has to do with weak transmission from your router. You need to boost your Wi-Fi coverage.

You can install specific models on your wall. Most have antennas to transmit any signals across the rooms in your home.

For example, you can get a Fusion 7 for 20,000 square feet coverage or the Force 7 for 80,000 instead. I suggest you get one that depends on the size of your living quarters.

How Do Router Boosters Work Exactly?

The boosters take your current Wi-Fi signals, increase the volume, and transmit these new signals across your household.

You need first to start a connection with your access point. An access point is what allows your devices to connect with your local network.

Usually, weak transmission signals cannot reach faraway rooms. If I set up my router in the living room, I use the signal booster to extend its range.

What Are The Important Features Of A Booster?

Boosters carry multiple features, which include easy connections, lights, and ports. If you need the installation of these features, I suggest you contact your Internet service provider.

Some boosters use a WPS button, otherwise known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup. These are necessary security measures you can use for fast and easy connections.

Another feature I should mention is multiple ports. You can apply ethernet cables, for example, which also extend the Wi-Fi range of your router.

Signal boosters should also use reset buttons so you can revert any changes made.

Are There Differences Between A Repeater and Extender?

While repeaters and extenders are similar at first glance, there are a few differences you can spot. Most of these differences are technical.

A Wi-Fi extender pulls reception from routers right before they send it to your devices. It does not transmit with the same network as the wireless one. Meanwhile, a Wi-Fi repeater repeats the signal during transmission.

An extender must also connect to the second wireless network, while the repeater can use multiple ones with different names.

I can understand the confusion between the two signal boosters, so hopefully, you realize the differences. Use it to inform your decision should you purchase these products.

Where Do I Place These Boosters?

It’s best if you consider wall-mounted signal boosters.

Router signals travel at a downward angle. You should place your signal booster at a higher elevation to ensure the signals are not lost.

You need to eliminate potential dead zones in your household. A dead zone refers to areas with weak Wi-Fi coverage; these are often due to walls and other obstructions.

I recommend wall-mounted boosters in a central location. By doing so, you have equal coverage across all your rooms.

How Do I Install Router Boosters?

Wall-mounted signal boosters are not difficult to install, given their design.

You should start with a power supply so you can receive your Wi-Fi network. Once you purchase a signal booster, login to your Wi-Fi network and connect the booster.

These are perfect for home use, especially if you live in a place with multiple bedrooms.

I suggest you install as close to the center as you possibly can. Try the nearby hallways if you have any and find a power outlet.

It only takes a few minutes for the installation process. Once you finish, you can enjoy a broader range of Wi-Fi coverage. There should not be much interference in the way.

Should I Watch Out For Anything?

You should be mindful of potential water hazards. I recommend you avoid installation near areas prone to water, such as the bathroom.

You should also be aware of transmission interference due to water. In fact, our bodies are made up of 60% water. Electricity and water aside, we should not get in the way of these signal boosters.

If we stand next to our wireless devices and the signal boosters, it interferes with the Wi-Fi connection. It also applies to aquariums and fish tanks.

You can opt for a waterproof signal booster; if you live in an area with water everywhere, it’s a good idea to consider.

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