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The 5 Best Routers for Comcast

Finding a great router for your internet connection can make a huge difference to your experience. A fast device with great coverage is ideal. As a Comcast Xfinity internet customer, you need compatible modems and routers. In this roundup review, you can find our top five picks for the best router for Comcast.

Does Comcast Provide a Router?

When you subscribe to many internet providers, you may be offered an Xfinity modem and router combo or the individual devices. Comcast Xfinity provides a router for a monthly charge. This is the xFi Gateway, which is a combo modem router. There are several xFi Gateway models, and you can see which one has features that work for your consumption needs and requirements as far as speeds.

If you are not satisfied with the Comcast router and model and are interested in exploring other options, you may be asking if you can use an alternative.

Can I Use My Own Router with Comcast?

The good news is that you are not mandated to use the Comcast router. While you are assured that this device is compatible with Xfinity internet service, there are several reasons why you might prefer to use your own routing device.

  1. When you find your own routing device, you don’t have to worry about the monthly rental fees, which can stack up in the long-run. Instead, you pay a one-time fee, and the gadget then becomes yours.
  2. When you use your own device, you can find one with high speeds and coverage to match your internet usage requirements. Other features you may want to include mobile apps and USB port options.
  3. Using your own router allows you to easily upgrade to a better model when technology or your router needs change.

So, if you’re looking into the best Xfinity router options, you are in the right place. The most important factor to consider when picking an alternative device is that it is compatible with your internet service provider. You can find out what your options are from their list of approved devices and read the specifications on each option you consider.

Should I Use a Cable Modem Router Combo?

To connect multiple devices in your home to cable internet, you need both a router and a modem. You can use separate devices or use one of the many modem router combos. A combo might be a good idea if you want a compact device that saves space and is easy to configure. Separate devices are also a viable option because this allows you to upgrade your router and modem as needed separately.

Best Modem Router Combo

IN this roundup review, you are going to find some modem router combo options as well. What is important with this combination product is to make sure that both the modem and the routing device features are optimized and that the device is Xfinity compatible.

What Makes a Great Wi-fi Router?

There’s no easy way to find a great device without looking at the specifications and features. Some of the important aspects to look at include intent speed, range, security, and additional features.

Top Routers for Comcast Xfinity

It’s now time to get into the best routers that are compatible with Comcast Xfinity. Here are the top five. Learn more about what kind of wi-fi speed, range, and other features they each have.

Google Wifi System

If you want a dual-band wi-fi router with mesh wi-fi, you can consider the Google Wi-Fi System. This comes as a three-pack and is a great option for replacing your current device when you need an upgrade. You can set it up easily for improved wifi. The range for this device is 500- 1,500 sq. ft. You can also extend the coverage and scaled up your connection when you connect the three devices in the pack to the mesh network system. There are parental controls to help you manage your children’s devices, internet use, and access.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Coverage can be extended to 4,500 square feet
  • Google Wifi app to customize settings
  • Reliable high-speed router with no buffering


  • No notable ones

ARRIS Surfboard Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem and AC1750 Router

The ARRIS Surfboard is one of the best modem router combo options. In one device, you get a modem, a router, and a certified telephone for use with Xfinity. The download speed is 1 Gbps. The router is a dual-band one with four ports. It can support cable internet speed plans of up to 600 Mbps. The security protocol is WPA2, WPA.


  • Compatible with Xfinity Voice Service, with two telephone ports
  • Can take a backup battery for voice service during outages
  • Two USB ports
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet Ports


  • None

Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band AX12

This Netgear Tri-Band AX12 is a 12-stream dual-band wifi router. This powerful wireless router with its tri-band feature takes frequencies of 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz. It is compatible with internet speeds of up to 10.8 Gbps and is one of the best options for a powerful device. The range is 2,500 square feet. If you are looking for a unique router with a non-conventional style, this futuristic-looking option from Netgear is worth considering.


  • MU-MIMO technology support
  • Support high speeds
  • Five gigabit ethernet ports


  • High price range

Motorola MG7550

The Motorola MG7550 is one of the best modem router combo options for a Comcast Xfinity internet plan. This product has a 16 x3 cable modem and an AC1900 dual-band gigabit router. With the stand-up tower design, you get a compact device that saves space and cools down well. The weight of the product is only 2.65 pounds, and you can find it in black color.

The maximum wifi speed that these cable modems and routers can accommodate is 1900 Mbps. It can also handle a recommended maximum download speed of up to 375 Mbps, and you can also make use of the power boost feature. You can use this product with a range of cable internet service providers, including Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, and Spectrum. For advanced security and to protect your home network, there is DFS Firewall.


  • Dual-band for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies
  • 4-gigabit ethernet ports
  • Vertical compact design
  • Power Boost to expand wifi speeds and range


  • Product does not support Xfinity voice.
  • It can be difficult to update the firmware.

Netgear Nighthawk C7800

The Netgear Nighthawk C7800 is a cable modem wi-fi router combo that is compatible with Comcast Xfinity plans and many other internet providers. It is a dual-band router and can be used at radio frequencies of 2.4 and5 GHz. The data transfer rate is speeds of 3200 Mbps. If you have high-speed requirements, you are going to love the fact that this wireless router can work with internet plans of up to speeds of 2 gigabits.

Looking at the modem, it is a 32×8 channel bonding and DOCSIS 3.1. This device has some of the best high-level security features to protect your home network. These include parental control options and advanced security protocols. There are four external antennas to power boost your speeds and range with your Xfinity service.


  • Easy setup
  • Coverage of 3000 square feet
  • Supports 45 connected devices connected with a wifi speed of up to 3200 Mbps
  • Most advanced combo suitable for smart homes, online gaming, and high 4K HD streaming
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports and two hi-speed USB 3.0 ports to connect multiple devices


  • Higher price point


When it’s time to find a new routine device, you have to make sure that you are investing in a product that is going to serve you well. You can find the best option by carefully examine what’s on offer and what you need. You have to be careful because not all modem and router options offer the same great experience.

You have the option to use the wifi router provided by Xfinity, but in that case, you have to pay monthly rental fees. If you opt to find your own wifi router, you can customize your experience. You also have to decide whether you should use a modem and router combined.

After looking at the top five options for Xfinity cable service, we have a winner. Our top pick is the Netgear Nighthawk C7800. This modem and router combo has all the features you should look for when you need an option compatible with cable internet from Xfinity.

It has great coverage, so it is suitable for large homes, and because it can support up to 45 devices, you never have to worry about having more devices than you can connect to. This makes it a great option if you are trying to convert your home into a smart home with a range of connected devices. It can handle high speeds. The only thing you have to think about is the price point because this product falls at the higher end for wi-fi devices. Given all the great features and benefits, this Netgear option gives you great value for money.

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