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Can Someone Hack Into Your Router?

Anyone can hack into your router, even if you don’t realize it!

Criminals hijack Wi-Fi routers through the Domain Name Server, or DNS for short. Through this technique, they redirect you to malicious software. You give away personal information as a result, which they use against you.

How Susceptible Am I To Hackers?

According to Avast, 80% of American routers aren’t secure.

I strongly recommend you take necessary precautions to stop hackers in their tracks. Even if you don’t feel like you’re in danger, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Secure routers allow you and me to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. Once we upgrade our security, we don’t have to worry about potential hacks.

Can You Tell If Your Router Has Been Hacked?

The easier way to tell if someone hacks your router is if you cannot log in anymore. Chances are the hackers change the password so they can use it indefinitely.

If I feel like something is wrong, I would also check my network. Should it list foreign IP addresses, then I know there’s a hacker.

I can also see random software installations and ransomware within my computer. You should call the Cyber Helpline for assistance.

The good news is your IPS, or Internet Service Provider, should notify you if they feel a hacker got into the system. If they do not, you should contact them as soon as possible!

What Happens When Your Router Is Hacked?

If someone hacks into your router, they can steal your identity or spread malicious software. Hackers can also use your network to attack nearby ones.

Worse yet, hackers can use your Wi-Fi to compromise your electronic devices. For example, I can lose access to my phone, all because my router lacks security.

The routers we use serve multiple purposes for hackers. They can also leave behind the malware to collect your information.

Let’s say they hijack the DNS. What happens is hackers can make you think you use a particular website.

In reality, it forces you and me to use a fake website – it collects important password data. We practically give away critical information about ourselves!

Should I suspect a hack within my router, I wouldn’t use my computer until I resolve the issue. You and I should contact our service providers.

How Do Hackers Hack Your Router?

Hackers look for security flaws within your router.

They can take advantage of flimsy passwords. Chances are you use the same password for multiple devices. Boom, there goes your access to these devices!

Hackers can also attack the firmware, which controls how your devices communicate with your computer. They look for routers with weak points, such as low source codes.

If a hacker can get into your router, they can get into all your devices. They like to use stealth to their advantage. You and I need to be aware of the warning signs.

How Do I Know Someone Is Using My Wi-Fi?

You should check the indicator lights on your router. It’s a quick and easy way to tell if someone else uses your Wi-Fi.

Wireless routers have lights that let you several things. These include your Internet connection or general wireless activities.

If I were to suspect there is a problem with my Wi-Fi, I would turn off my wireless devices. If the indicator light still blinks, there might be a hacker issue.

Alternatively, you can also set up a network monitor beforehand. The system notifies you of any suspicious activities. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

When Using Someone’s Wi-Fi Can They See Your History?

Anyone can see your browsing history with access to your Wi-Fi. This includes hackers and your Internet provider.

All a hacker needs to do is check the browsing history on every wireless device that connects to your router. Hackers use this information to sell data, pretend to be someone else, or blackmail you directly.

Remember, as long as you visit websites while you connect to a Wi-Fi network, the data is all there. Websites use encryptions, which keep track of website information.

Routers also record the information of all websites you visit. A hacker can use your router to retrieve this data.

In Summary

Hackers get into routers to steal personal information and use it for their gain.

Just because anyone can hack into your router, it doesn’t mean you should let them! With good security features, you and I can avoid this situation entirely.

Start off with strong passwords and a VPN, otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network. It allows you anonymity with higher security. You can also secure web traffic.

Always be aware of the warning signs. Check your IP addresses, look at the indicator lights, and see if there are suspicious software installations.

Hackers always look for security flaws, so update your router regularly!

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