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Does A Router Increase Internet Speed?

Routers can make your Internet speed faster if you perform specific tasks. Since routers manage your home network data, you need to make good use of signal coverage.

One example is router placement. A router in a central location allows signals to reach across all the rooms in your home.

Another example is if you upgrade your router with a signal extender, which allows for stronger coverage.

How Do Signals Work?

A router uses radio waves to connect your local network to the Internet. Radio waves travel between your router and smart devices from nearby cell towers.

Routers send these signals in a downward motion. I mention this now since we need this information for later.

If you want to know your current Internet speed, you can do a speed test on your computer. You can also try a troubleshoot, which diagnoses your speed problems.

You may think an upgrade to your router allows stronger signals for fast Internet. However, there is also a cheaper method you should try.

Does Location Matter With Your Router?

The location of your router can determine how the rest of your household receives signals.

You and I both understand the frustration of slow Internet speeds. You want to look something up, but the page takes too long to load. Is there a way you can make it faster?

You should pick a central area within your home. Please don’t leave it in a corner, or else most of your Wi-Fi coverage goes outside.

Remember when I said router signals move downward? I suggest you place your routers at a higher elevation. Consider a shelf or on top of a closet.

You should avoid nearby electronic appliances. There should be no obstruction between your router and the rest of your rooms.

Once you find a good location, you can enjoy good Wi-Fi coverage!

What Can Ethernet Cables Do?

An ethernet cable connects your router to local networks. Since they are physical cables, you need one with the appropriate length.

Wired connections are more reliable than wireless ones since the signals travel straight through. It limits the obstacles which interfere with your Wi-Fi coverage, such as poor weather.

While there are limitations to where you place your router, an ethernet cable allows a stronger connection. All you need is cable management.

If you like to play video games or stream online, use an ethernet cable. With faster Internet, you no longer worry about potential lag.

Should I Try An Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender allows better connection since it extends signals past dead zones. Walls can get in the way of the signals, but an extender gives you more space.

I understand you might not enjoy router settings. Configuration can be a difficult process. Avoid the technical jargon and try a Wi-Fi extender instead.

You can easily set up a Wi-Fi extender to eliminate dead zones. A dead zone is one of the biggest obstacles in router coverage, so remove it with an extender.

How Do I Update My Security?

You should regularly update your security features since others can steal your Wi-Fi. When multiple people use the same Wi-Fi source, it considerably limits your Internet speed.

Think of yourself as Wi-Fi. You move faster if you’re by yourself, but you are much slower by comparison if multiple people ride your back.

I find it frustrating if someone else uses my Wi-Fi. Hackers have easy access to routers since they lack protection with weak passwords.

You can avoid neighbors that steal bandwidth by a strong password. I recommend you use one with multiple numbers, letters, and symbols. Please write it down somewhere, so you remember.

The trick is to alternate between lowercase and uppercase letters, which gives you more variables. Don’t let others use your router incriminatingly!

How Do I Upgrade My Router?

If you purchase newer routers, make sure you get one with broad coverage. Wi-Fi is only as useful as how far it broadcasts across your household.

Go to a retailer that allows returns. You want to test out different models before you buy. Give yourself an idea of which router works best for you.

Ask a salesperson which routers are available for free trials. Results inevitably vary, so don’t spend money on a router unless you know what to expect.

Should I Contact My Internet Provider?

Your Internet Service Provider, or ISP, can provide you the necessary information on compatible routers for your modem.

Remember – if you don’t know what’s going on, turn to the experts for assistance. I might not understand everything about routers, but your ISP does.

If there are any issues, they can assist you. They can send a technician to point out anything you might potentially miss.

Only ask for a technician if you still have problems with Internet speed. You can also send questions to your service provider and see if they have a response.

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