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How to Check Router Browsing History

Can You Browse History Through Wireless Router?  If you are looking to see your own browsing history, yes, you can use your wireless router to do so. However, if someone else wants to … Read More »

Will a Router Improve Your Wi-Fi?

Yes, a router with better capabilities than your current one can improve your Wi-Fi. When you sign up with your internet service provider, you are usually given a router to supply you with … Read More »

Why Would a Router Keep Disconnecting?

Routers often keep disconnecting due to either problems with your line or interference with the connection. Constant disconnections from the internet can be extremely frustrating, especially if the timing is not ideal.  Should … Read More »

How a Router Works?

Routers are devices found in nearly every home these days, they work by connecting your home to the internet. They are responsible for allowing us to connect to the internet by creating a … Read More »

Is Sitting Next to a Router Dangerous?

Wondering whether your router is harmful to your health? Well, let’s get straight to the point; the answer to that question is a resounding no. There are many articles online about the possible … Read More »

Can A Router Interfere With TV?

Router signals can interfere with television, but only if they share the same space between each other. How it works is both the router and the television use signals to reach access points. … Read More »

How Do I Make My WiFi Private?

There are multiple ways you can make your Wi-Fi private.  You can start with unique passwords, which make it harder for others to correctly guess. If you don’t want your Wi-Fi visible, you … Read More »

Can Someone Hack Into Your Router?

Anyone can hack into your router, even if you don’t realize it! Criminals hijack Wi-Fi routers through the Domain Name Server, or DNS for short. Through this technique, they redirect you to malicious … Read More »

Are Router Boosters Effective?

A router booster might be a worthwhile investment if you value higher Internet speeds. Wi-Fi refers to a network that connects your devices to the internet. All the wireless devices require extended coverage, … Read More »